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EagleSPS prioritises client safety and employee well-being by offering comprehensive security and facility services, including on-demand manpower supply to minimize hazards and prepare for emergencies in the workplace.

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Risk Assessment

Identifying Potential Hazards

We perform an in-depth analysis to identify risks in your workplace.

We examine every aspect of your operations, from machinery to workflows.

We prioritise hazards based on their likelihood and severity to address the most critical issues first.

Safety Training and Education

Preventing Accidents and Injuries:

Our training is tailored to your workforce’s specific needs, covering essential safety procedures and best practices.

Practical, hands-on training ensures employees can apply their knowledge effectively.

We provide continuous education to keep your team updated on the latest safety protocols and industry standards.

Hazardous Materials Handling

Managing Dangerous Substances Safely:

We develop and implement protocols for the safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials.

Employees are trained to handle hazardous materials safely, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

We ensure your site complies with all relevant regulations regarding hazardous materials handling.

Emergency Response Planning

Preparedness Saves Lives:
We create tailored emergency response plans addressing your site’s unique risks.
Regular drills ensure employees are familiar with emergency procedures.

We coordinate with local emergency services for a swift response during emergencies.

First Aid Stations

Immediate Medical Assistance:
First aid stations are placed throughout your site for quick access.
Our stations are fully equipped and regularly inspected to ensure readiness.
We train employees in basic first aid and CPR to provide immediate assistance when needed.

Equipment Safety

Preventing Workplace Accidents:
We schedule and conduct maintenance checks to ensure equipment functions safely.
Equipment undergoes thorough safety inspections to identify and fix potential issues.
Employees are trained in the safe operation of equipment, including the use of safety features and emergency shutdown procedures.

Signage and Communication

Clear and Effective Safety Communication:
Clear Signage

We provide easy-to-understand safety signs that highlight hazards, emergency exits, and safety equipment locations.

Communication Systems

Our systems ensure that safety information is quickly and efficiently disseminated during daily operations and emergencies.

Regular Updates

Safety communications are regularly updated to reflect new risks, procedures, and regulations.

Regular Inspections and Employee Involvement

Maintaining a Culture of Safety:
Scheduled Inspections

We conduct regular inspections to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Employee Feedback

Employees are encouraged to report safety concerns and participate in safety committees, fostering a proactive safety culture.

Continuous Improvement

Feedback from inspections and employees is used to continuously improve safety practices and protocols.

Regular Audits and Inspections

Ensuring Compliance and Safety:
Comprehensive Audits

We conduct thorough audits to evaluate the effectiveness of your safety programs and identify areas for improvement.

Detailed Reports

Our audits provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations to enhance site safety.

Follow-Up Inspections

We perform follow-up inspections to ensure that recommended improvements are implemented and effective.

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